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Brian P Gouthro
President | Creative Director
I'm a creative junkie, animal loving nomad that comes up with the craziest of ideas. Just ask my therapist.
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Michele Butler
Creative Consultant
Traveler at heart, the only thing she loves more than our clients is maybe her Super Tuscans and Griffon her amazing son.
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Steven Calamusa
They say you're either good with numbers or with words...rarely both. Well, he still does simple math with his fingers, but can weave words that'll make your clients swoon.
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The Glue. The one that has more energy than all of us put together. A good belly rub and cuddle and Reus is good to go!
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Zachary Briggs
Ever seen The Matrix? We are pretty sure Zach created it. Mobile Apps, beacons and website, he has the creative mind to make anything happen.
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Yair Santamaria
Graphic Designer
Designer by nature, perfectionist by choice.